Birthdays and Being Grateful

This weekend, my daughter Lauren became a one-year-old. In the midst of welcoming guests, decorating, watching her smash chocolate cake and sing Happy Birthday, my heart dreamed and prayed for all that God had created her to be.

My son Jackson will turn four on Wednesday, and as I celebrate the days they made their appearance into this world, I am overwhelmed by gratitude.

I am so incredibly thankful God chose me to be their mom! It’s indescribable. Sometimes it feels like a child receiving an amazing gift and they simply can’t express how thankful they are, but the giver know by the shine in their eyes and the joy written on their face. 

Particularly this weekend I’ve been pondering their roles in God’s kingdom, and praying for the day they will give their hearts and lives to Jesus. 

God has truly lavished His unfailing love on our family. So, this post today is to honor Him through Isaiah 63:7.

I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all he has done. I will rejoice in his great goodness to Israel, which he has granted according to his mercy and love.


Thanks to Woody and a stuffed ringtailed lemur, Zaccheus’s encounter with Jesus came alive in a whole new way.

When it comes to my son Jackson, putting the Bible into his world makes it something he can touch and experience. Context is key.

So, when Woody climbed up the side of the piano to see the ringtailed lemur pass by, got caught and the two had lunch together, Jackson got to be part of the story. And, he reenacted the story again and again and again.

This past week we took one of Jackson’s favorite snacks, Goldfish crackers, to illustrate Jesus feeding the crowd of 5,000. Jackson got to be the boy in the story, I helped him pack his lunch with two goldfish and 5 chunks of bread. He then shared his lunch with Jesus. Every time he ate a goldfish, another replaced it. At the end we had 12 goldfish left to show the baskets leftover. Even Lauren, our near one-year-old, got in on the action!

I’d love to hear how you have put Bible stories into a child’s context!Zacheus and Jesus hanging out in the tree