Easter Tree

“Jesus died on the cross because he loved me so, so much.”

This is what Jackson told me he would remember every time he looked at today’s Passion Week project.


Jackson and his Easter tree

This afternoon, Jackson and I made an Easter tree. With a tree branch I found in our brush pile out back, Jackson carefully planted his tree by scooping dirt into a bucket in the sink (which was supposed to be conducive for easy cleanup). Then we colored and cut out the letters J-E-S-U-S. Finally we made Easter egg ornaments and Jackson hung them on his tree.


Jackson had a great time hanging each ornament on his Easter tree

Though the kids and I talked about many ways our tree could teach us about Jesus, what resonated most in Jackson’s heart was that Jesus died on the cross because of His love for him, for Lauren, for me, and for “everyone in the whole world.”

Good Doctor

When it became apparent Monday that Lauren wasn’t just suffering from allergies, my plans for our family Passion Week focus had to shift. Instead of baking bread together and kneading on the concept of Jesus as the Bread of Life, we watched a lot of movies and cuddled on the couch.

Last night as I was trying to cool Lauren down from her fever in a lukewarm bath, the kids and I talked about our Great Physician. Because that was a phrase Jackson was unfamiliar with, we called Jesus the Good Doctor.

As Jackson covered his eyes and pretended that Jesus healed him and he could see, or plugged his ears and then could suddenly hear, it struck me that our Good Doctor, who embodies all healing power, intentionally chose not to heal Himself and allow Himself to die in order to heal my heart and relationship with God.

After Jackson finished feeling his heartbeat with his hand, we prayed for Lauren.

“Jesus, would you be the Great Doctor and make Lauren be good?” Jackson asked. “Would you please help her fever go away? Amen.”

After baths for both kids, I had planned to do an art project with bandaids to help them process what we had just discussed, but instead we all crawled into my bed, snuggled together and sang their favorite songs like “Jesus loves me” and “Jesus loves the little children.”

After all, that message of Jesus’ love was what we all needed most.