Every generation

The Ancestors of Jesus

My Jesus Journey – Luke 3:23-38, Record of Jesus’ ancestors

These are the sections of Scripture we blur through. You know the ones…so-and-so begat so-and-so…this person was the son of that person who was the son of this person.

Even though we tend to let our eyes skip these passages, God never does. He inspired each word, each name, and each generation.

Every generation is important to God. Every one.

There are 77 generations recorded by Luke: from Adam, the first human and “son of God”, to Jesus, the Victorious Son of God. Some of the names are familiar to us. Jesus was a descendant of David and Judah, Jacob, Isaac and Abraham, and Noah. He also came from the families of Serug and Arni and Eliakim and Joda and Melki.

Jesus came for all generations. Just as we all come from one man, Adam, One Man will save us all.

God loves each generation, each family, and each person. He was at work in every line recorded, preparing the world, guiding hearts and pointing people to His Son, Jesus. God loved each person listed, those who we know and those we’ve never heard of. God’s love can be traced through every verse.

God inspired Luke to record Jesus’ ancestors at the point in the story where Jesus is now 30 years old and ready to begin His public ministry.

All of these generations reflect the reason why. They are all why Jesus came.

Jesus came to save those who are lost, and proclaim hope and freedom to the world.

Some generations will listen. Some will not.

But that doesn’t determine God’s plan or God’s love.

Jesus came for them, and He came for us, anyway.

Why was Jesus baptized?

Luke 3:22b

My Jesus Journey – Luke 3:21-22, The baptism of Jesus

Why was Jesus baptized?

His cousin John had been powerfully preaching in the desert that the people needed to turn from their sins and turn to God (read more about John’s message). To show the change in their lives, John baptized them in the river. When Jesus showed up that day in the crowds, He had no sins to turn from. Jesus didn’t need to “turn to God” – He was God!

Was Jesus showing that He was yielding His human will to His Father as He began His public ministry? Did He want to be an example for us of what it should look like for someone to display a life pleasing to God? Did He do it simply to obey His Father? Did He desire to demonstrate His love and commitment to death on the cross and promise of ultimate victory over sin (Romans 6:4)?

What Luke emphasizes in His Gospel is that on a day the crowds were coming to be baptized by John, Jesus also came and was baptized. As Jesus prayed, heaven opened up. The Holy Spirit visibly descended on Him, and God audibly spoke His pleasure.

The disciple Matthew records that when John the Baptist asked why Jesus was coming to him for baptism, when it should have been the other way around, Jesus responded, “It must be done, because we must do everything that is right.”

Jesus’ obedience and prayer moved Heaven. The crowds saw the very Spirit of God and actually heard God’s voice confirm the man who stood wet before them was their long-awaited Messiah, the Son of God.

Jesus’ baptism opened hearts to personally experience God.