Jesus is the Light of the world

Christmas Countdown Day 1 focused on light. We made candle ornaments, and each child hung them on small Christmas trees in their rooms. Jesus is the light of the world, and we realized how much light chases the darkness away, like how the lights on our Christmas trees brighten the whole room. Jesus came to give us light and show us His love.

Beginning the Christmas Advent-ure

We want to make Christmas count. Our home is not exempt from the Christmas crazy, and with calendars overbooked, the Christmas season is too often exhausting instead of exhilarating. Twenty-four days in December fly by, and suddenly we are opening Christmas presents and have missed the point of all of it: worshiping and treasuring Jesus.

So last year, we determined to celebrate Christmas on purpose with our Christmas Countdown. Every day we read Scripture surrounding the Christmas story and spent time together as a family doing something fun, like making a manger craft or driving around to find the best lights display or acting out Luke 2.

We are ready for the start of Advent!

We are ready for the start of Advent!

It is Dec. 1, the start of Advent. There is still time to put on the brakes before the busyness breaks your sanity! Consider how you may lead your family in focusing on the Greatest Gift. Here is a list of Scriptures to read together (or to use as a personal devotion plan) to prepare for Christmas, as well as fun, simple activities to enjoy. Or, quick download a ready-made advent-ure, like Truth in the Tinsel, to help connect younger children to the beauty and reality of Jesus being born in a stable in Bethlehem. Our family will be counting down to Christmas this year with Truth in the Tinsel, and I will be sharing our Christmas experiences here on the blog.

Christmas Countdown Advent Scriptures 

Christmas Family Activity Ideas