Recognizing Jesus

Jackson's temple ornament. He drew Simeon ("S"), Jesus ("J") and Anna ("A") in the temple.

Jackson’s temple ornament. He drew Simeon (“S”), Jesus (“J”) and Anna (“A”) in the temple.

Christmas Countdown Day 20 focused on the temple. After Jesus was eight days old, His parents took Him to the temple to be dedicated to the Lord. While there, two people met the new family and recognized Jesus for who He really was: the Son of God. Simeon held Jesus in his arms and proclaimed that his “eyes have seen Your salvation…a light of revelation to the Gentiles and glory to Your people Israel.” A prophetess named Anna also met Jesus and began praising God and sharing that the Messiah had arrived to all those she encountered. As we considered Simeon and Anna, we prayed together as a family that we would recognize Jesus this Christmas and look for our Savior to be at work around us, and in our hearts.

Jumping jacks

Christmas Countdown Day 19 focused on shepherds. The shepherds wasted no time in going to Bethlehem to see what the angel proclaimed to them. And after they found Jesus, they couldn’t keep this amazing experience to themselves. They had to tell everyone! Joy overflowed their hearts, and they praised God! We created our own “shepherd jumping jacks” to help us remember how the shepherds honored God that night (watch the video above to see Jackson in action). With arms out to the side, the shepherds shared the good news, and with arms reaching up, they worshipped their wonderful God.

Shepherd ornaments

Shepherd ornaments