He loves me

I love my children because they are my children. God loves me for the same reason.

I love my children because they are my children. God loves me for the same reason.

In the middle of my temper tantrums, unreasonable expectations and bad attitudes, He loves me.

While I yell at my kids, leave dirty dishes for tomorrow and dig through a laundry basket of clean clothes I have no desire to fold and put away, He loves me.

After I say no for no good reason, challenge His authority and waste the time I should be spending with Him, He loves me.

When my pride takes over, and I try to step in and save the day in my own strength, then miserably fail those entrusted to me, He loves me.

Jesus loves me, even when I’m drenched with sin. He still loves me when I choose wrong. He loves me when I don’t want to be loved and when I don’t love myself.

Jesus loves me. He doesn’t wait until I’ve figured it out, or straightened up or gotten right. He loves me now.

He loves me enough to never leave me, even on the roughest day. He doesn’t give up on me. He makes it all work together for good because He called me. My actions and abilities don’t determine the extent of His love. He lavishly gives His love to me because I am His. He made me. He saved me. He has plans for me. He will finish what He started in me.

What I need to know most in this life, on my best days and my worst, in the midst of the mess and the victorious yes, is that Jesus loves me.

Happy Easter!

Our 2 Weeks 2 the Cross Easter wall

Our 2 Weeks 2 the Cross Easter wall

Thank you for joining my family in our 2 Weeks 2 the Cross journey! We have had an amazing 14 days focusing on the cross and the incredible love of Jesus.

Early Christians would great each other in this way: one would say “He is risen!” and the other would respond, “He is risen indeed!”. Jesus’s victory would begin every conversation. It would be in the center of their thoughts. There was nothing better to begin an interaction!

I wonder when this tradition began to fade. What if the resurrection of Jesus Christ was the hallmark of all our conversations today? What if Jesus was on the forefront of our minds as we opened our mouths to speak? It would transform our words, attitudes and actions!

The earth-quaking message that Jesus is alive is meant to be shared! The resurrection is for each of us—giving us hope and power to live abundantly! Jesus is alive!!

Happy Easter from my family to yours! May the forgiveness that is ours because of the cross, and the resurrection that transforms our lives be ever on our minds and hearts.

Me and my Easter blessings!

Me and my Easter blessings!