Because I talk about them so often on this blog, please let me introduce you to my family!

Matt, Jill, Jackson and Lauren Cobb

My husband Matt is the Minister of Music and Education at First Baptist Church in Mountain View, MO. He is an incredibly talented and accomplished singer, but it is his heart to worship his Savior and lead others to worship God in every aspect of their life, including sharing His love with those who don’t know Christ, that I love most about him. He’s a great husband and father! View his blog at, or follow him on Twitter at

Jackson is my story-telling, imaginative five-year-old. He loves to re-enact movie scenes, play hide-and-go-seek and tattle on his little sister. He has such a heart to help and involve other children, and is a natural born leader.

Lauren is my passionate, expressive two-year-old. She loves to dance, eat snacks, find new ways to reach what is off limits, and cuddle on the couch. She has trouble slowing down, and keeps us all on our toes as she is coming into her own!

We also have a large black lab, Josie, who has nosed her way into our family, and loves to play chase with Matt, Jackson and Lauren around our living room.

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