Jesus shows up in the midst of every moment

  • My Word of the Year and revelation three years in the making

    For the last several years, I’ve been challenged to pray about a word that would define and give focus to the coming year.  This would be a word I could come back to again and again to align my heart, provide a pathway for personal goals, and direct my gaze to God’s best for me.…

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  • Remember who you are

    Identity is not subjective. It just feels that way sometimes. Life sometimes has a way of chipping away at what you know to be true, and circumstances can cause you to question who and what you can believe. If you find yourself struggling with what others say, what the world tells you, or even the…

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Make the most of the time

Countdown to Christmas with these daily Scriptures, activities, crafts and other fun for the entire family, from young children to adults.
Join our family for 2 Weeks 2 The Cross, as we prepare for the greatest event in all of history, that will change our eternity.
Enjoy this daily Thankful devotional for adults, in November, or anytime you need a refresh on how blessed we really are!

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