Remember who you are

Identity is not subjective. It just feels that way sometimes.

Life sometimes has a way of chipping away at what you know to be true, and circumstances can cause you to question who and what you can believe. If you find yourself struggling with what others say, what the world tells you, or even the negative self talk in your own head, I want to encourage you today to go to the source of truth. 

Go to Jesus. Open His Word. There are no lies, distortions, manipulations or half-truths there.

This past weekend I found myself needing reminded again of who I am, to hear the voice of my Savior speaking His love over me. So, I got out my Bible (my big leather-bound study Bible – a digital copy was not going to cut it), and opened it up to Ephesians Chapter 1. Focusing on vs. 3-14, which is actually one sentence in Greek, I wrote down every truth of what God says about me.

I am blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavens.

My Father God chose me to be His – and He made that decision before He spoke the world into existence.

He chose me to be holy and blameless in His sight. God sees me – He knows me and He knows who I am.

God moved time and space so I would be his. He adopted me because He loves me so much. Through Jesus, I now have His favor and am in His will. His grace overwhelms and holds me.

I am redeemed and forgiven, because of what Jesus did for me. And my redemption and forgiveness is measured by the unlimited riches of God’s grace that He lavishes on me. There is no price too high or distance too far. God pours out His grace on my life, along with all wisdom and understanding.

God shows me His will – His purpose, His plan – and He will bring my life together in Christ.

I have an inheritance that’s guaranteed. God gives me purpose in His Kingdom, and my hope in Him brings praise and glory to His Name.

I believe in the message of truth: Jesus, who is my salvation. I am sealed, secured and secure, in the Holy Spirit.

God says I am:

  • blessed
  • chosen
  • seen
  • holy
  • blameless
  • adopted
  • loved
  • favored
  • held
  • redeemed
  • forgiven
  • worth it
  • gifted with
    • grace
    • wisdom
    • understanding
    • purpose
  • held together
  • an heir
  • sealed
  • secure
  • HIS

God’s promises always steady my soul and redirect my heart.

When you find yourself needing to be reminded of who you are, let Jesus speak life over you through His Word. You are His, and He loves you so very much.

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