More or less

Less hiding, more honesty
Less stress, more peace
Less fighting, more praying
Less yelling, more patience
Less demands, more freedom
Less whining, more contentment
Less sarcasm, more smiling
Less fear, more action

Less Facebook, more face-to-face
Less judgment, more grace

Less prejudice, more kindness
Less criticism, more encouragement
Less wandering, more seeking
Less doubt, more faith
Less arrogance, more confession
Less apathy, more love
Less being right, more righteousness
Less me, more Jesus

Make me

Teach me
Mold me
Break me
Make me

Teach me to do Your holy will
Help me to follow and be still
Open Your Word and allow me to hear
Wisdom’s call drawing me near

Mold my desires, my plans, my heart
Impress, implant, shape, impart
Show me how to become more like You
Your Kingdom is worth my all to pursue

Break down the walls that separate
Convict me of sin—forgive, recreate
Do not allow me to wander far
Bring me back to where You are

Make me again—renew the flame
May my life lift up Your precious name
Let me see what You want me to be
I am Yours for eternity

Teach me
Mold me
Break me
Make me