Jesus shows up in the midst of every moment

  • Merry, Merry Christmas, Friends!

    May you be blessed this Christmas, and experience the love, joy, hope and peace of Jesus. From our family to yours! Love,The Cobbs

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  • It’s simple.

    Jesus loves you.He really, truly loves you.So much that He thought of you before it all, and made a way for you.He knew you wouldn’t make it on your own,And so He came for you. Jesus died for you.He stepped in front of you to take the bullet,To pay the price for what you deserved.Jesus […]

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Make the most of the time

Countdown to Christmas with these daily Scriptures, activities, crafts and other fun for the entire family, from young children to adults.
Join our family for 2 Weeks 2 The Cross, as we prepare for the greatest event in all of history, that will change our eternity.
Enjoy this daily Thankful devotional for adults, in November, or anytime you need a refresh on how blessed we really are!