My Beginning

It has been years since I had been inspired to write poetry. Busyness and business for that matter tend to drive away much of my creativity and inspiration. Prayer changes things. It opens a heart for God to begin shifting and sorting, throwing away and renewing. And, it became very clear to me that in all those checklists and deadlines and expectations, His intentions for me were growing dim. Poetry began again.

Live in Love

How do I live in love?
My heart is not there.
As they pass by I stare
Right through them
To those I really love
And mostly to myself.

The resounding gong
Is played again and again.
Life goes on so fast —
I can barely hang on to last
Night as I fight to
Keep my eyes open
And not miss it all.

Check lists pile up
While deadlines are missed
And the point is long gone.
As the hours drag on
I wait and patience ends.
Then I add missed chances
To growing disappointments.

The question is wrong.
The answer seems trite,
But there’s no use to fight
What is true.
The only way I can
Live in love is to let You.

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