As the days move closer to our move in the beginning of April, so the pressure rises to pack up our belongings in time.

For Matt and I, moving also proves time to sort, clean out and prioritize. For instance, how many baby outfits do we need to keep to remember when they were small, and what can and should be given away? What toys have been outgrown (or chewed quite enough) and need to be thrown out? What do we need until the big day, and what can be packed now?

Packing up the kids

Streamlining is always in order, especially when you realize how much stuff you have and that you have to pack all that stuff!

It’s fun to go through memories and remember when. God has blessed us so extraordinarily here in Lansing. Both our children, Jackson and Lauren, were born here. Our amazing friends have become family, and many things in our home remind us of good times we’ve had. Our dog Josie joined our family, and she’s definitely left her mark in the backyard!

God has also proved himself to be a loving God full of tenderness. He’s helped us through the homecoming of our mom. He’s held us together when we were not allowed to meet two of our children. Though it’s taken time, God continues to heal our hearts and show us how to be there for others struggling with loss. His grace is enough.

Though I will admit (and Matt wholeheartedly agrees) that packing and moving is not my strong suit, it’s how God moves us to the next chapter of His will for us. It also gives me a chance to reflect and refocus. And, another opportunity to express my gratefulness to God for his redemption, provision and plans for the future.Jackson is ready to go!

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