Safe and secure

Jackson has been having trouble the last several nights staying in his bed through the night.

We’ve heard many reasons from him through the week of why, and some were excuses, some irrational fears and a few legitimate. Last night was probably the most difficult for all of us. He just couldn’t fall asleep, though he was trying. When Matt and I headed to bed around 11, he was still up and scared about something he couldn’t verbalize. We pulled the sleeping bag into our room, and he was very excited to sleep near us. Once we turned out the lights, he quickly fell asleep.

His sleep was restless, however, and he awoke upset. So, we eventually moved the sleeping bag into his room because he didn’t want to sleep in his actual bed. About the middle of the night he woke up shouting “Mom” and crying. I rushed in to see what was wrong, and he had a nightmare and was asking me if there were sirens and tornados. After holding him for awhile, he fell fitfully asleep once more.

Finally this morning about 5:30, he was in our room yet again with a few toy cars no less, claiming he just couldn’t sleep anymore. His tired eyes and voice said otherwise. Matt let Jackson crawl in bed on his side and held him and his cars. Within minutes Jackson slept peacefully and soundly.

In fact, we all slept another two hours.

For Jackson to finally sleep, he needed to be securely in his daddy’s arms. Once he felt that love and safety surround him, he was out.

I wonder sometimes if as we are scurrying about and exhausting ourselves with our “to-do’s” and busy letting ourselves be defeated by unrealistic fears or situations out of our control, God stands beside us through it all, waiting for us to crawl up in His arms and let Him hold us. God promised He would never leave us or forsake us. He is there, right now. And if you feel like you’ve been suffering from spiritual insomnia or worn out as you struggle to maintain your witness or continue with what God has called you to do, why not lean on Him? Are you facing a struggle you have no idea how to get past or being haunted by painful memories? Let Him wrap you up with His peace that surpasses all understanding.

I guarantee that when you feel God surround you with His grace and loving kindness, you will receive what you truly needed all along.

Jackson finally sleeping peacefully this morning

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