Birthdays and Blessings

Birthdays aren’t always about the gifts or parties or going to a favorite restaurant. As I’ve turned another year older today, I’m beginning to understand that for me, birthdays are a reminder of how blessed I am.

Here I am with one of my biggest blessings!

No, today hasn’t been a spectacular day. It’s another day, full of the drama and duty of being a stay-at-home mom, including the mundane and messy. Yet, it’s also another day that I have the privilege to spend with my precious children and wonderful husband (who has promised to cook dinner tonight!).

Jesus brings joy in so many of the details of life. For me today, those have included:

  • snuggling with my little girl this morning
  • using my new flat iron for the first time
  • lighting a new candle and enjoying the fragrance
  • my son wrapping my arms around him so he could fall asleep this afternoon
  • writing a blog post in the peaceful quiet as the kids nap

God has also brought us one step closer to owning our first home, which is something we really weren’t sure would ever happen. His amazing timing and movement to bring us exactly where He wants us to serve Him, and then providing miraculously for each one of us, has been an incredible experience. Putting an offer on a house that we love today seems a bit surreal, considering where we were in our lives even two years ago. God has been so faithful, guiding us in each step.

If we really take an up close look at our lives, I believe we will find God’s blessings significantly outweigh the frustrations of this life.

On my birthday today, I thank God for where he’s brought me and who he’s brought into my life.

And, as my “birthday wish”, I pray that for me and for you, we won’t wait until our birthdays to thank God for every big and small way He works all things together for good.




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