Just because He can

Every day is such a blessing from the Lord, but there are some days He just blows you away with His goodness, just because He can.

We own this, as of today!!

Today, we became first-time homeowners. We went to the local law office, wrote our full signatures in fancy cursive repeatedly for about an hour, and came home with sweet gifts for the kids from our thoughtful real estate broker and a load of paperwork for filing purposes. The deal is done, and we are now the proud owners of an amazing home nestled in the woods off a dirt road.

I came home thinking I need to believe God for so much more than I do.

That was confirmed a few hours later in a form of a dropped call.

At our new home, the cell phone carrier we now have is dismal at best. We have been going back and forth about what to do, and the other day I had a lengthy and animated conversation with a technical support person about what options we have. Later this afternoon I received a follow-up phone call from another representative. As I was explaining that their proposed solution wouldn’t work in our new home, the call was literally dropped due to poor reception! I quickly called back the number, thinking I would have to go through an automated service to get back to where I was, but it was a direct line, which never happens with phone companies. The representative apologized for the dropped call, listened to my concerns and agreed that there was nothing more they could do. Then he offered to end our contract and waive all penalty fees!!

The moment the call ended, I began praising my God out loud! I couldn’t believe it! God is amazing!!

God had already blessed us so richly today in bringing us through the last phase of officially owning our own home. But, He didn’t stop there.

He kept rolling out the blessings, not because we deserved it, but just because He could.

I just love God. 🙂

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