New house, new start

This week my family is moving into our new house! After nearly 10 years of marriage and seven moves, we are ready to be finished with packing boxes and tape guns.

Knowing that this move is our last for a very long time, it is very exciting for me to finally unpack boxes I haven’t for years and find a place in our home for everything. I have a new living room to rearrange furniture and a chance to give away what we don’t need.

A new home is like a fresh start. In about an hour, my husband will be arriving with all our kitchen appliances, cookware and dishes. All of my kitchen cabinets are empty and ready to be filled. I have a blank slate to work with as I decide the best place to store each item.

The kitchen is ready to be unpacked! Now where to put everything…
It took us an entire day to paint our great room. This was taken right after we were finished (and I was resting on the couch!).

Sometimes we wait too long for our “new beginning”. It’s easier to do things the way we’ve always done them. There is a comfort to having everything a certain way, even if it doesn’t make sense. It’s our routine, and we can easily navigate in the dark without stubbing our toes.

Instead of waiting for that “shake-up” moment, or move, to force the evaluation, maybe we should make our own opportunities to take all the dishes out of the cupboards and consider if there is a more efficient arrangement or another drawer for the silverware.

Maybe it’s time to lay our lives before our Savior, give Him the full authority to inventory our spiritual houses and let Him rearrange our priorities to line up with His vision.

We don’t have to wait until the clutter is out of control or other circumstances compel us. Jesus is waiting, ready to help make sense of our lives, strip the sin from our walls and put on fresh paint.

When is the last time you have allowed Jesus in to rearrange the living room of your heart?

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