Dress up

While unpacking our house today, I opened a box full of memories and several dance recital costumes my mom had saved for me.

I quickly found a spot in my daughter’s room for dress up clothes, and after lunch I couldn’t wait to see what she thought.

Yes, all the dresses were considerably too big for her, but not too big for her to have fun and dream and play! I managed to get her into one without it falling off, and she pranced around the room as a princess.

Playing dress up reminds me of God’s love. When God lavishes his grace on us, the magnitude of His care and sacrifice is much too big to comprehend. But God urges us to try on His peace and joy anyway, and to see the world through His eyes and His dreams for us. He wants us to twirl around in wonder and delight in His love.

And as He watches me bask in His presence while my little girl giggles in a dress up dance costume, I can’t help but believe He is smiling just as much as I am.

Lauren dressed up in one of my old dance costumes!

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