Lifted Up

I’m living life in full color.

Our new house is in the middle of the woods, and no matter what room I’m in, the glorious colors of autumn stream through the windows. On the drive into town and back, it’s sometimes hard to keep my eyes on the road when the golden orange, red and yellow leaves beckon my eyes higher.

On a recent walk through the woods, Jackson ran well ahead of us because Lauren and I kept stopping and looking up, soaking in the beauty God created.

Lauren looking up on our walk

As I watched my daughter, mesmerized by the swaying branches and falling leaves, this verse came to me:

And when I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself.

– John 12:32

God paints such a breathtaking portrait in the fall. For the tree, there is beauty in the death of its leaves as it prepares for winter and for spring to unfold with new life. This is an amazing, living picture of Christ. God’s creation proclaims our redemption through the seasons and the trees that are so glorious now.

The scarlet trees remind me of Jesus’ death on the cross and the blood that He shed for me. Just as my eyes are drawn to the colors on the trees, so is my heart to the intense and painful beauty of the tree where Jesus suffered in my place. The leaves fall just as His blood trickled down, soaking the ground below.

The season will change as leaves are shed and trees are laid bare, buried in the winter ice and snow. Death is followed by entombment as the earth lays dormant, waiting. Jesus was buried in the ground as all creation held its breath.

Spring always comes just in time, and so does Jesus. The hours must have seemed forever as the disciples wept Friday, Saturday and into Sunday morning.  The grass will push through the snow, and the trees will bud again. Just as we know the earth will come back to life, so is Jesus alive, resurrected on the third day!

Autumn draws me to Jesus. Lift up your eyes and behold His majesty and sacrifice!

The view of the sky from our swing set

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