Let me be

I am the Creator
of all that you see.
Look around at Earth’s beauty
and find me.
I made it all
and gave it all to you
for you to know
I am everything.
So, let me be everything.

I am the force
who spoke into motion
the Earth as it spins
and your heart’s devotion.
Why then do you fear,
letting doubt assail you?
My victory is sure
because I am everything.
Let me be everything.

I know your dreams
and your tears in the dark.
I hear your longings,
what tears you apart.
I give you hope
and, though courage may fail you,
my love is secure
for I am everything.
Let me be everything.

Your future is not lost.
It was my blood
that bought it.
Bind your heart to mine
and let me transform it.
Stop trying to fight—
You can’t win without me.
Hold fast to my life
to understand and see.

I was here all along.
I never left you.
My words are all true:
I’ll never desert you.
You were worth the scars,
the rejection and pain,
all of it to allow you to
call on my name
and say that I am everything.

Now, open your heart
and let me be everything.

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