On the hunt

Our backyard was the scene of an Easter egg hunt this afternoon

True treasure is worth the search.

This afternoon the kids worked hard to find Easter eggs hidden across our backyard. Jackson and Lauren scoured the grass and trees, helping each other gather the treasure.

Lauren loved searching for the eggs

After all the eggs were discovered, there were a few more items in our scavenger hunt: a rock, two sticks, something black, something red, something white and something green.

We laid out all our finds on the porch and talked about what it meant.

Jackson looks over all his scavenger hunt items

The stone represents the tomb, and the two sticks make the cross. Black is the color of sin that gunks up our heart. Red reminds us of the blood Jesus shed and white is how He cleaned our hearts. Green is Jesus beginning a new life within us and how He wants us to grow in our faith.

I’m praying this Easter that my children understand Jesus is the ultimate treasure, more precious than silver and costly than gold.

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