Scripture Crumbs from Numbers 2:17

The tent of meeting is to move out with the Levites’ camp, which is in the middle of the camps. They are to move out just as they camp, each in his place, with their banners.

God ordered the camp of the Israelites to place Himself in the middle. Each tribe had their place around the Tabernacle, with the Levites camping all the way around the Tent of Meeting.

God was to be their core – their center. Their relationship with Yahweh was to be protected and be held sacred. The presence and power of God was to emanate from within the people, marking each one as His own. To act or move forward without Him would sever the assembly. Everyone had to move together – the balance kept in the center through worship and communion with the awesome and almighty God.

God has ordered my life in the same way. He is to be the center, the core, of who I am. I cannot function without His sustaining presence. My world is meant to revolve around my relationship with God. Nothing is to infiltrate my life and interfere or tear down that relationship. God’s power, authority and love is to shine through my thoughts, attitudes and actions. My balance, satisfaction and purpose is only found through intimate worship, confession, cleansing and commissioning of the Holy Spirit residing in me, His temple.

God, is my life spinning without You at my core? Am I allowing distractions, other relationships or commitments to damage my relationship with You? Where is the dust in my life piling up and blocking Your light? Clean me Lord! Reorder what I have put in disarray. Center my life around You alone.

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