Christmas Countdown Day 4: Angel appearance in the living room

Christmas Countdown Day 4
Christmas Countdown Day 4

When Jackson arrived home from school, he asked right away what our family Christmas activity would be tonight. I couldn’t resist his anticipation, so I gave him a hint of the fun. From that moment he began planning each of our roles.

Our Advent Scripture passage today was Psalm 89:1-4.

I will sing about the Lord’s faithful love forever;
I will proclaim Your faithfulness to all generations
with my mouth.
For I will declare,
“Faithful love is built up forever;
You establish Your faithfulness in the heavens.”
[The Lord said,]
“I have made a covenant with My chosen one;
I have sworn an oath to David My servant:
‘I will make your offspring endure forever
and establish your throne for all generations.’”  Selah

On their way to Bethlehem
On their way to Bethlehem

Tonight we explored the Christmas story, Cobb style. It started with Joseph (Jackson) leading a donkey (Matt) carrying Mary (Lauren) to Bethlehem. Mary had quite a grip on that donkey’s neck!

Once we arrived in Bethlehem, an anxious Joseph came knocking at the door of my inn, and all I had to offer was a stable, located underneath a table in our living room. Baby Jesus was born, and both Mary and Joseph took turns holding the baby.

Jackson pretends to be Joseph holding baby Jesus
Jackson pretends to be Joseph holding baby Jesus

Then we imagined the animals that may have been there in the stable when Jesus was born, and a dog, cat, horse and cow came to look at the new baby.

While Mary and Joseph adjusted to life as new parents, shepherds were watching over their sheep in fields nearby.

Lauren is a shepherd tending her sheep
Lauren is a shepherd tending her sheep

Suddenly an angel appeared from behind the couch, and made an incredible announcement (the moment Jackson had planned all afternoon):

Next, all of us went to Bethlehem to see the baby and worship him. Then we ran around the house knocking on all our doors to tell everyone that the Messiah has come!

How can you proclaim God’s faithful love today? We may not all pop out from behind couches with an angelic message, but we each can share the love of Jesus this Christmas.

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