Christmas Countdown Day 6: Proud

The Advent Scripture passage for Day 6 is Zechariah 6:10-11.

You are to tell him: This is what the Lord of Hosts says: Here is a man whose name is Branch; He will branch out from His place and build the Lord’s temple. Yes, He will build the Lord’s temple; He will be clothed in splendor and will sit on His throne and rule. There will also be a priest on His throne, and there will be peaceful counsel between the two of them.

Tonight, my kindergartener walked bravely up to the microphone and beautifully sang “Jingle Bells” to start his school’s Christmas music program.

To see him on stage, stepping forward without hesitation and singing out so sweetly was incredible. Jackson was in his element, and he shone!

Here is a video of him, reprising his solo from the program:

As a parent, there will be times you will just beam with pride over your children, for their accomplishments and for simply being your child. Tonight was one of those moments for me.

I wonder if God the Father feels that way about Jesus Christ. Did He well up with matchless pride when His Son was born into this world? What was it like for the Almighty when His Son said “Abba” for the first time? Did He catch His breath as Jesus took His first steps? He couldn’t hold it in when Jesus was baptized, saying aloud, this is MY Son. When it was finished, and sin and death were conquered once for all, did God welcome Jesus back home saying, “I’m so proud of you, Son. You did it”? In Zechariah chapter 6, it describes a day where Jesus will be clothed in His full glory and splendor and rule as King of Kings here on Earth. I imagine in that day, God’s pleasure in Jesus will be unparalleled, as He watches His Son sit on His throne.

Snuggle time with the kiddos
Snuggle time with the kiddos

Later tonight after the concert, our family activity involved lots of snuggling and hiding out under the covers, with plenty of giggling in between. As I held each child in my arms and prayed with them before bedtime, I thanked God for choosing me to be their mom. I am so proud of them both, and cannot fully express the depths of my gratitude to my Savior for creating them and entrusting them in my care.

Today, I urge you to express your pride in your children and others entrusted to you. Whether it’s for singing a solo in a school program or simply being your child, tell them. Show them. Thank God for them.

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