Life is full of storms.

The rain comes down. We hunker down. Life gets messy, muddy. Dark skies crowd out the sun.

Storms dominate the news and our worst fears. Planning models are made, tested and tested again.

If we aren’t careful, storms take over, everything.

Looking for puddles to splash and stomp in
Looking for puddles to splash and stomp in

This week, my daughter’s preschool theme is rain. And, conveniently, it was raining outside. The heavy skies had been tipped, and water gushed down. It wasn’t enough for us to watch through the wet windows. Instead, we each grabbed umbrellas, Lauren put on her boots and raincoat, and we ventured outside.

Puddles beckoned, and Lauren stomped right in, with sprays of water behind. We peered into the layered skies and felt the rain on our hands. We twirled umbrellas up and down our driveway.

It’s true that storms can be scary. There are times we must seek shelter, praying for protection.

Yet, could it be we focus more on the storm, rather than the blessings through and from the storm?

You sent abundant rain, O God,
to refresh the weary land.

– Psalm 68:9

We forget the fresh smell of the earth after the rain, the way it makes you hold your little girl close as you run across the parking lot to your car, trying to dodge the raindrops. We overlook the blessing of storms driving little feet across the house in the middle of the night to snuggle and find security in our arms, and being able to remind them of God’s ultimate protection and peace.

We don’t go out and splash in the puddles.

We miss the joy that can be ours in the midst of the storm.

If it’s storming where you are today, look for the blessing. Search for God’s promises of His presence and His strength.

Put on your boots, and venture out.

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