Luke 2:6

My Jesus Journey – Luke 2:1-7, Jesus is born in Bethlehem

God moves heaven and earth when the time is right.

Jesus is about to make His introduction to humanity, and God instigates a census of the entire Roman empire (much of the world). God cares about every, single detail, which means all the prophecy of His Word must be fulfilled. So, Joseph takes his very pregnant fiance on a road trip to Bethlehem, the home of his ancestors, to be counted.

God will uproot our lives to accomplish His will and fulfill His promise.

Consider all the people who had to leave their livelihoods and families to travel back to their hometowns and ancestral villages for the Roman census. People of all races, heritages, religions, social statuses and economic classes were moved because of the birth of one child. I’m sure most weren’t thrilled with the Roman edict, and were annoyed by the inconvenience.

God’s will isn’t always in our timing or our plan. It may complicate our lives, and we may never understand the point. In fact, God’s will may move us in ways specifically to open a path for His will to be accomplished for someone we’ve never met.

God’s will isn’t about us. It’s about Him. It’s about His plan of redemption. And, in order to save us, God shifted humanity for His son to be born in a stable and his head laid in a manger.

It makes no sense. And, yet, that was God’s plan, so we could receive His promise.

The next time the course of my life makes no sense, and I don’t understand “why” or “how” or “what in the world”, I want to remember this event in history.

The course of my life is not my own. I want God to move me so that His Son is center stage and hearts are drawn to the Savior.

When the time comes, I want to be right where God intends, no matter what He needs to uproot.

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