I choose Jesus

Reading our bedtime devotions
Reading our bedtime devotions

As our family all gathered in Lauren’s room for bedtime, we turned the page to read our next devotion called “Blessings or Curses.” We learned about Moses’ responsibility to teach the Israelite people God’s rules. If the people obeyed them and followed God, they would be blessed. If they chose to not obey, they would be cursed.

God gives us the same choice today. We can choose to obey Him and do our best to live the way He wants us to, or we can choose to do things our own way. Depending on the choice we make, we will be blessed by God or cursed by Him. God loves to bless us, and it makes Him sad when we decide not to follow Him. Which will you choose?

Bedtime Bible Stories, pg. 111

As soon as my husband finished reading that question, Jackson immediately and enthusiastically piped up, “Blessings!”

Both Matt and I smiled at his response, knowing his heart to follow God. Jackson then turned to Lauren and asked, “Lauren, what do you choose?”

Lauren thought for a moment, and then announced her decision.

“I choose Jesus!”

It was hard to know how to move on in our devotions after such a beautiful and profound answer. With tears in my eyes, I gave my girl a big hug and kiss and we finished our time together in prayer.

Jesus is always the best answer, no matter the question. Turning to Him, and following after Him, will be the right decision. Regardless of the circumstances or complications, Jesus is what we need most.

Choose blessings today. Choose Jesus!

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