Take it with you

Lauren is ready to take her Bible to school
Lauren is ready to take her Bible to school

Most days, Lauren tries to convince us that she absolutely needs to bring this toy or that stuffed animal to school. If every morning could be show-and-tell at preschool, she would be thrilled! Usually that toy ends up back in her room, but this morning, we couldn’t say no.

Lauren was up early, and so she read her Bible on Matt’s phone (YouVersion’s Bible App for Kids) while we were getting ready. Then, she found one of her little New Testaments and carried it around until breakfast. She loves looking through the pages and confidently retelling Bible stories, with embellishes to put herself or one of her imaginary friends into the action. When she approached me and asked oh-so-politely if she could bring her Bible to school so she could show it to and read it with her friends, I had to say yes!

We put the Bible in her backpack, but by the time we walked out the door, it was back in her hands. As I dropped the kids off and watched them walk into the elementary, the Word of God went too, clutched tightly by little fingers.

Most of us probably don’t carry around a hard copy of the Scriptures, but Jesus is with us wherever we go. We are part of the body of Christ, and His Word is written on our hearts. As Christians, the way we love others displays how Jesus loves. When we extend forgiveness and mercy, Jesus is visible. The opportunities we seize to share the difference God has made in our lives brings Him honor. Imagine the impact we could have in our homes, communities and world if we actually brought the Word of God into every situation, every setting, every relationship and every conversation.

Jesus is not interested in sitting on a shelf in our lives.

Take Him with you today.

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