Do you believe this?

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in Me, even if he dies, will live. Everyone who lives and believes in Me will never die — ever. Do you believe this? ” (‭John‬ ‭11‬:‭25-26‬ HCSB)

Do you believe this?

In this passage of Scripture, Mary is grieving the death of her brother Lazarus. She did everything in her power to save him, and yet her brother lay wrapped up in a nearby tomb. Jesus didn’t come when she thought He would, and now her brother was dead.

Jesus reassured Mary with these words: “I am the resurrection and the life.”

True life, satisfying life, life without shackles, meaningful life is found in Jesus. He IS the resurrection. He is our only hope against the powers of darkness and the grave. Death holds no power over life when we believe in Jesus.

Jesus asks Mary, “Do you believe this?”

Jesus asks us the same question.

Do you believe that Jesus is who He says He is? Do you believe that Jesus is God, and that He died on the cross to pay the penalty for your sin? Do you believe that Jesus literally defeated death and rose from the grave? Do you believe when you come to Jesus and repent, that Jesus will forgive you and make you new?

Do you believe this?

Can you go back to a specific time in your life when you realized all of this, and believed? Have you truly and wholly placed your life in God’s hands and confessed Jesus to be your Savior and your Lord?

Only Jesus can wipe away all your tears and all the darkness of your past. Only Jesus can clean your heart. Only Jesus can give you life.

Mary believed Jesus. She knew he was the Son of God and He was her Lord. And, Jesus did what He promised her: He raised Lazarus from the dead.

Let Jesus resurrect your life today, lifting you up out of the black trenches of sin. Let Him wash away your old life and give you new purpose. Come to Jesus and live.

Respond to Jesus, right now. Literally, stop and talk to Jesus, wherever you are. If you know Jesus is talking directly to your heart, answer His question: “Do you believe this?”

Pray from your heart to Him:
Jesus, I do believe You are the resurrection and the life. I believe You are God and you died on the cross for me. Please forgive me for all my sins and living my life apart from you. I give you complete control of my life, and I trust your promise that because I believe I will be with you forever in Heaven. You are my Lord and my Savior. Amen.

If you just responded to Jesus, please message me so I can be praying with you. Share the news with a Christian friend or pastor so they can encourage you and help you learn more about life with Jesus.

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