Journey to the Manger: Simeon

Jackson and Lauren show their art project puzzles of Simeon.
Jackson and Lauren show their art project puzzles of Simeon.

We met another friend today in the Temple on our Journey to the Manger: a righteous man named Simeon.


Simeon was given an amazing promise from God. The Holy Spirit revealed to him that he would not die until he saw the Messiah, the Savior of Israel. Many think that Simeon was an old man by the time he entered the Temple in Luke Chapter 2. Even though Simeon’s age was not recorded, we do know that he believed wholeheartedly in God’s Word. He knew He would see the Christ, and lived each day accordingly.

Some may have been discouraged or even disheartened when time continued to pass with no consolation. Yet, when Simeon woke up each morning, he knew he was one day closer to seeing God’s promise fulfilled. He continued to believe and make himself available to be moved by God.

It becomes easier to make a basket the closer you get!
It becomes easier to make a basket the closer you get!

Today we tried out our basketball skills, attempting to score points in the trash can. First, we started half a room away from the basket. Amazingly, Lauren actually got one in! Each round, we moved one step closer to the goal, until we stood right in front of the can and shot every ball in.

The longer Simeon lived, the more his hope must have grown. He knew God would do what He said. As the time added up, the possibility grew that He would see the Messiah that day. Finally, the Holy Spirit guided him to the Temple the day Mary and Joseph brought Jesus to complete what was required under the law. Simeon couldn’t contain himself! He knew this child was the one he had waited for. Simeon took Jesus into his arms and held Him close. He praised his Heavenly Father for such a gift!

Now, Master, You can dismiss Your slave in peace, as You promised. For my eyes have seen Your salvation. You have prepared it in the presence of all peoples—a light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory to Your people Israel.

– Luke 2:29-32

Simeon never gave up. He believed God’s promise, and knew he would one day see the Savior. Not only did he behold Jesus with his own eyes, he was able to hold Him in his arms.

When we grow weary believing, or struggle to hold on to what God has promised, we must remember that we are one day closer to seeing God’s Word fulfilled. Just like Simeon, we can hold on to Jesus and find peace. Don’t give up! God’s promises are sure.


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