Looks don’t matter. Love does.

Taking selfies with my son
Taking selfies with my son

We woke up late, enjoyed breakfast, snuggled on the couch and watched movies all Saturday morning. My family needed a lazy, restful day, and were finally recuperating after a long week.

Jackson rested on my lap toward the end of the movie, and we watched cheek-to-cheek. Afterward, he gave me a hug and asked me if we could take a picture together.

I hesitated. I looked awful! My hair was a mess, I hadn’t showered and I was sporting sweats. Why in the world would he want a picture with me?

I looked into his eyes ready to say no, and then told him to get my phone. He didn’t care about how I looked. He just loved me. He wanted to capture this special moment together.

Looks don’t matter. Love does.

When Jackson grows up, he’s not going to look back and remember my frumpy style or my body shape, he’s going to think about how he was loved. It won’t be about how much I had it all together, how clean the house was or how much money I earned a year. He will remember us laughing together, snuggling, spending time with each other and how dearly I loved him.

So, we took those pictures. We giggled and made funny faces. We hugged.

We loved.

We sure can be silly! :)
We sure can be silly! 🙂

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