Love God, love others 

Jackson and Lauren play Love hopscotch
Jackson and Lauren play Love Hopscotch

Today we got a front-row seat to watch how Jesus dealt with conflict. The religious leaders in Jerusalem were looking for ways to trip up or trap Jesus. One asked what Jesus believed was the most important commandment. Jesus responded in love, with love.

Love God, and love others.

Love Hopscotch made its annual appearance on our living room floor, to the delight of my kids! Each time they threw a bean bag onto the board, they said one way we could love God or love people.

Love is why Jesus came, and why just a few days after this confrontation with religious leaders, He would die.

Read Matthew 22:34-40 for Jesus’s amazing statements.

Learn more about 2 Weeks 2 the Cross and explore ways to experience Easter in a meaningful way with your family.

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