It’s simple.

Jesus loves you.
He really, truly loves you.
So much that He thought of you before it all, and made a way for you.
He knew you wouldn’t make it on your own,
And so He came for you.

Jesus died for you.
He stepped in front of you to take the bullet,
To pay the price for what you deserved.
Jesus loved you that much.
Jesus took the shame, the whips, the nails.
He suffered so you could be set free.

What your sin started, He finished.
And He wasn’t done yet – 
Jesus defeated Hell and the Grave.
Now, Jesus offers you life, real life.
New life.

Because He loves you,
He gives you this moment
To believe in Him,
To receive His forgiveness,
And to give Him your life.

Surrender is simple,
But that first step can be hard.
Jesus knows this, and loves you where you are, right now.
Will you accept His love?
Will you believe in Jesus and give your heart to Him?

Jesus loves you regardless of your decision.
Jesus will keep on loving you.
Let His love change your life.
Let His love change you.

Jesus loves you.
He really, truly loves you.

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