Days you want to remember forever

It’s time to break my recent writing hiatus to share with you a day that I’d like to remember forever.

Have you ever had one of those momentous, beautiful, overwhelmed-by-God’s-love kind of days? Maybe it was the day you accepted Jesus as your Savior and realized you were forgiven, perhaps it was the time you fell in love with your spouse, or the moment you held your child in your arms for the first time.

Sunday, my baby girl was baptized, and shared publicly with her church family that Jesus had changed her heart and she had decided to follow Him. She woke up that morning so excited, brimming with absolute joy! And, to make it even more special, her daddy was the one who had the privilege of baptizing her.

Here’s a video of the actual event:


Take time today to consider God’s amazing blessings in your life, and thank God for the wonderful ways He has worked, and is working, in your life.

God is so, so good.

Every thing matters

Every single moment of our lives matter. The words we say, the smiles we share, the tears we cry, the gifts we give: Each breath we take matters to God, and He uses it ALL for His glory, even if it seems insignificant to us.

On a rare occasion we are blessed to catch a glimpse of how God weaves every detail of our lives into His master plan.

This weekend, we were excited to have new friends over for dinner. The kids had a great time playing together, even dressing up and putting on a few plays for us! In the midst the hubbub, one of the girls came up to us adults with a picture frame and asked what it was about.

Jackson's baptism "photo"

Jackson’s baptism “photo”

Jackson was excited to share about when he was baptized, and the girl asked right then when she could be baptized. Her mom and I began a conversation about what it means to have a relationship with Jesus. Even Jackson was able to talk about accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Everyone had questions, and God was at work, drawing us all to His heart. We decided to continue our conversation the next day at church, and by the end of the morning, we were praising God for two new sisters in Christ!!

I texted my sister-in-law that night to tell her that she was a part of two people beginning a new life with Jesus. Two years ago, she and her husband chose to leave their home very early in the morning to make it down to see their nephew be baptized. They gave him a special frame to put a picture of the day so he could always remember when He obeyed God and showed the world his commitment to Christ. We never did get that photo developed, but Jackson has kept the frame proudly on his dresser. And this weekend, God used that hand-drawn doodle in a frame to prompt questions that led two hearts to Jesus’ side.

Every thought, every word, every action matters.

For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.
– Philippians 2:13