Thankful: God is the lawgiver

When He finished speaking with Moses on Mount Sinai, He gave him the two tablets of the testimony, stone tablets inscribed by the finger of God.

– Exodus 31:18

Today I am thankful that God is the lawgiver.

When God set apart and called out the Israelites as His own special possession, it was God who established their laws. God redefined their way of life and methods of worship. He became their center, and their success, survival and satisfaction radiated out from God’s presence.

God led the people to Mount Sinai, where He literally spoke His commands for all to hear. Exodus 20:18 records, “All the people witnessed the thunder and lightning, the sound of the trumpet, and the mountain surrounded by smoke. When the people saw it they trembled and stood at a distance.” God’s awesome power was overwhelming to the people, and so Moses went alone up the mountain, where God personally met with him and gave His law.

God is our ultimate authority. He IS truth, and is the only One worthy to establish justice and order. Man’s rules will always have weaknesses because we are imperfect. God is holy and without blemish. His standards highlight our need for Him.

I may not always like God’s rules. I may not understand His commands. I might struggle with how to live out His instructions in a culture that has drifted so far from God’s standard. But, I am not God! I did not create the universe. I did not send my Son to redeem mankind. I do not determine eternity. My agreement with God’s laws has nothing to do with it. HE is God. He sets the rules. I am to obey.

My life is not determined by those around me. My life is found in Jesus Christ. He is both the lawgiver and the fulfillment of the law. I will choose to trust and follow Him.


Luke 2:29-32

My Jesus Journey – Luke 2:21-40, Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the Temple

When Jesus is eight days old, his parents bring him to the Temple to present him to the Lord. What a baby dedication: the Son of God being dedicated to His Father!

From the beginning of Jesus’ life, he fulfilled the law and was the fulfillment of the law.

Joseph and Mary, according to the law, offer a sacrifice to God for their first-born son. Though their offering was considered a “poor man’s” gift, they gave what they had. God receives their sacrifice for His Son, though one day His Son would give everything be the sacrifice for them all, the perfect lamb that His parents could not afford. None of us could give or be worthy of what He did to redeem our souls.

God continues to announce His Son’s birth and His mission, even as His Son is dedicated. God goes to miraculous lengths to make His presence known, through angels, dreams, the moving of the Holy Spirit and His prophets. He speaks to men and women, rich and poor, young and old.

He speaks to us today, too. No matter who you are, what you are, where you are going or where you have been: He wants you to know and to see His Son.

Simeon had waited his entire life to catch a glimpse of the Messiah. God had promised before Simeon died, he would meet Him. As Jesus was presented in the Temple by His parents, Simeon was there and couldn’t help but take the baby in his arms and praise God! Only when he had embraced Jesus as his Savior could he die in peace.

Just as Simeon prophesied, Jesus will make the deepest thoughts of our hearts come to light. We can either choose to reject Jesus, and be undone, or we can believe and live in great joy.