In love after 30 years

My current daily Bible reading plan. Search for “A Passion to Serve” on the Bible App (YouVersion).

My heart leaped this morning when I saw what was next in my Bible reading plan!

I’m currently working through the “A Passion to Serve” plan on the YouVersion Bible app, focusing on places in Scripture that detail what it means to serve God and serve others. I’m on Day 305! ­čÖé Yesterday I finished the book of Genesis and the life and legacy of Joseph. Today, I opened up the app, and I’m diving into the book of Acts next!! This is one of my favorite books of the Bible. I was almost giddy when I saw it!

In that moment of silly joy over Scripture, it hit me all over that this is what it means to be in love with Jesus.

God saved me 30 years ago. It really blows my mind that we have been in relationship for three decades!! The God of the Universe has chosen to walk by my side for all these years, putting up with my faults and annoyances, my failures and fears. He’s seen my best and my worst, and His love has never changed. He’s never left my side. He’s carried me through the darkest moments, shouldered my burdens, and held my heart through unbearable loss. He’s invited me on mission, imparted the words and the courage to share the Greatest News, and given me the precious privilege of seeing my children come to know Him. He’s blessed beyond what I’ve ever deserved! His patience astounds me, His compassion overwhelms me, and knowing He will never give up on me makes me love Him even more.

So when my heart beats a little faster opening up God’s letter to me, it makes me smile. Not everyday is like that. There are times I read and pray because I should, and not because I want to. Yet, God’s faithfulness isn’t determined by mine. I’m in a love relationship with the God who created me, with the Savior who sacrificed everything for me, with the Spirit who has chosen to dwell within me.

When God redeemed my life, it was for keeps. I can think of nothing better than growing old with Jesus. After 30 years, He still makes me smile.


**I do realize that many of us have and are walking roads where our faith has been stretched across the painful realities of life, and our love relationship with God has been strained. Our hearts don’t match with our heads. We may be asking hard questions, struggling to see where God is in the midst of a difficult situation, or perhaps we’ve just grown apathetic over time without meaning to be. Our desire is gone. I raise my hand and confess to all of these scenarios over the course of my relationship with Christ, even recently. Please know in those moments, God’s love does not change. He has not left you, and He is continually choosing to love you. There has never been a time He has regretted dying on the cross for you. Pray for God to renew that love and joy in your heart. Pray over Psalm 51:12. ┬áThere is no distance that God’s grace cannot reach. I’m praying for you today.

Thankful: God’s ways are higher than my ways

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, and your ways are not My ways.” This is the Lord’s declaration. “For as heaven is higher than earth, so My ways are higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.”

– Isaiah 55:8-9

Today I am thankful that God is greater.

I serve the God of the universe, the One who spoke it all into existence. He is sovereign and understands how everything works together. He knows the end of the story because He wrote it. I think about the here and now. God has comprehended and created eternity. I consider┬álife from my perspective, from my vantage point. God in Heaven looks over everything, and can see what I can’t. My knowledge is limited, God’s is limitless. His wisdom transcends the ages, while I have to Google directions. God’s thoughts are not my thoughts.

God’s ways are not my ways. God’s patience is astounding, where I would have flown off the handle a long, long time ago. God gives second chance after second chance, and I struggle with trusting someone again. I am almost always late. God always shows up at just the right time. God loved me so much, He gave up His precious Son to cover my sins. Jesus cried out to His Father to forgive those who were crucifying Him. Too often I cry out for justice instead of mercy. I would move Heaven and Earth to save my child. God sacrificed His Son to save me. How can it be?

God’s thoughts are so much higher than mine. The way He moves and directs and intervenes completely overwhelms me. Just as heaven is higher than the earth, so is God infinitely supreme.

I do not and cannot compare to God. In that same measure, I am eternally grateful He loves me beyond compare.