Pool proclamations


Jackson loves swimming at the waterpark

Nearly every morning, one or both of my kids ask if we can go swimming. I think they would be just fine with spending every afternoon of the summer at the pool!

This past week, it was an added bonus that several of Jackson’s preschool classmates were there, including one of his best buddies. They had so much fun going down slides, chasing each other, swimming on my back and floating on the lazy river.

Jackson’s friend started learning how to swim underwater. Though they had both been copying each others moves in the pool, this is where my son drew the line. He despises his head going underwater. Even in the shower it’s a stretch to get his face wet without quickly drying off his eyes.

When the friend’s dad praised his son for doing such a great job of swimming underwater, Jackson proclaimed loudly,

“You know, Jesus can walk ON water!”

Often we place an emphasis on people facing their fears, rather than embracing the God who has already conquered their fears.

Jackson may not want to swim under water, but he believes and trusts in the God who can walk on the waves.