Marked as Mine

When Jackson first whizzed his new Buzz Lightyear around the living room to infinity and beyond, he quickly went for a Sharpie to carefully write his name on the bottom of Buzz’s space boot.

This was HIS special toy.

Now when he plays with Buzz and Woody, they both bear Jackson’s name, clearly distinguishing who they belong to and are loved by.

Jackson's Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys, marked as his.

Jackson’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys, marked as his.

This Valentine’s Day, the romance might be squelched by sick kids or a tight (nonexistent) budget. You might not have a special someone, or are away on travel. Maybe love is in full bloom or heartache is weighing heavy.

You are not alone.

God is right there, in the midst of your day, loving you. Your name is ever on His mind and in His heart. He can see you each time He reaches out His hands with those nail scars. And, as one who has believed in Him, He has given you His name. He has written on your life so that all will know you are His.

You are His. And, He is yours.

Recognize that you belong to God. He redeemed you at such cost. You meant more to Him than His own life.

Let God write on your heart’s tablet of His love and faithfulness this Valentine’s Day. Treasure those etchings on your life that forever mark you as His.

Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
bind them around your neck,
write them on the tablet of your heart.

Proverbs 3:3


Thanks to Woody and a stuffed ringtailed lemur, Zaccheus’s encounter with Jesus came alive in a whole new way.

When it comes to my son Jackson, putting the Bible into his world makes it something he can touch and experience. Context is key.

So, when Woody climbed up the side of the piano to see the ringtailed lemur pass by, got caught and the two had lunch together, Jackson got to be part of the story. And, he reenacted the story again and again and again.

This past week we took one of Jackson’s favorite snacks, Goldfish crackers, to illustrate Jesus feeding the crowd of 5,000. Jackson got to be the boy in the story, I helped him pack his lunch with two goldfish and 5 chunks of bread. He then shared his lunch with Jesus. Every time he ate a goldfish, another replaced it. At the end we had 12 goldfish left to show the baskets leftover. Even Lauren, our near one-year-old, got in on the action!

I’d love to hear how you have put Bible stories into a child’s context!Zacheus and Jesus hanging out in the tree