Light up the sky, right in my living room

After the office Christmas party today, I was driving home and “Light Up the Sky” by the Afters came on the radio. As one of my current favorite songs, my head tuned in, and I cranked it. My heart needed it. It’s been a rough day. I have really reached the breaking point of what I can handle, in particularly with work, and at several points I had to fight back tears this morning, which is not characteristic of me. So, I asked God to answer the call of this song. I needed to know, in a very real, tangible way, that God was with me, and that He had all the projects and expectations that have piled onto me under control and in His hands. I needed God to light up the sky in an undeniable way, to give me visible hope and fortitude.

I thankfully was able to get home early, and before the kids were in bed for their naps, so I could spend a little time with them. Matt was excited to show me something new with Lauren, and I told him she had better not taken her first steps already, tongue in cheek, because I really wanted to be there for that moment! Apparently, Lauren had started balancing really well standing up today (she’s 10 months old), so he stood her up to show me.

And, then God lit up the sky, right in my living room.

My precious, beautiful daughter, stood, and then, with wobbly steps and a smile of pure joy, walked right to me.

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