Jesus vs. the Weatherman

Though this is Michigan, this week’s “Snowmageddon” seemed to be more about the anticipation. Weather reports indicated up to 16 inches of snow here, and so people flocked to the stores to stock up on milk, bread, eggs, rock salt and everything else needed to face the “blizzard” forecasted.

So, for days, meteorologists predicted feet of snow across America, and we all held our breath, anticipating the worst. Many businesses, colleges and even the state legislature closed in advance, trusting the weather station reports.

On Tuesday, as we waited, and waited, and waited for the storm to begin, it felt a bit like deja vu.

As of late, that’s the story of my life. Sometimes God asks you to step out in faith and then wait while He works out all the details. Even if you have the timeline laid out, it is still hard to wait when your heart is already out there.

I’m just glad I am placing my faith in the God of the universe, instead of relying on those who try to predict its weather patterns.

2 responses to “Jesus vs. the Weatherman”

  1. Matthew, Jill, Jackson & Lauren,

    Hope you stayed dry and warm considering the storm that struck the Mid West. You heard how Alan and Heather got caught in Chicago by the storm, planes were not flying because of severe weather conditions. They found a place and spent the night.

    Tueday, morning at 7:45 AM Alan called and wantied to be sure I had awakened and got my attention, Al said numerous times, “Gene, wake up, are you awake, Gene wake yourself up,” then proceeded to tell me that they are flying to Sacramento, CA and will visit with me. “Gene, wake up!” At this time I was awake, I gathered my self together, then asked, “I assume you want me pick you both up at the Sacramento Int. Airport?” Al, quickly said, “YES, we are arriving at 3:00 PM, you can see this information in your e-mail, see you then!” By this time I was awake and got the full gest of what your father and Heather were conveying. I got up and gathered things up around the house. I began the drive to Sacramento at approx. 2:!5, thinking will I get caught in traffice as I drive through Jamison Canyon to merge on Hwy 80? I drove the Olds mobile, for comfort and space for three. Fortunately the car had a full tank of gas to begin my drive to Sacramento. Going through Jamiaon Canyon I began to merge onto Hwy 80, excellerating to 55-65-67- then 69 mph, I drove at this speed in the far left lane of the Hwy, stayingd in that lane all the way to Sacramento. Hwy Patrol watch for drivers that weave in and out of lanes. Staying constantly in one lane while driving slightly above the speed limit, dimished an chance to be nabbed for speeding. I kept up with my drive to Sacramento, arriving at the Sacramento Int. Airport at the Pick Up curb and observed Heather and Alan having just exited with their luggage, standing at the curb waiting for me. Time 3:30 PM their flight was 30 min. behind because of head winds, this gave me a space of safety, having not arrived at the right time, 3:00 PM. I pushed the vehicle, attempting to keep close to the speed limit.

    Wednesday, got in the car and headed to Fairfield / Vacaville Factory Outlets, Alan needing boots in order to walk in the snow. Alan traveled wearing a pair of slip on loffers, shoes not made for deep snow. Afterwards, we ate at Chey’s and then drove home.

    Thursday, with both of them flying out of Sacramento Int. Airport in the morning, meant driving them back to Sacramento Int. Airport. I proceeded to play in Sacramento, stopped off at Sac State College, having walked around the overgrown / built College Campus. I walked to the Art Department, spoke to the Dept. Secretary, getting information regarding the possiblity of Computer Digital Graphics Courses on campus. I was told, go to the building next door, up to the 5th floor, you want to speak to Robin, she can direct you who to see, etc. I was told,
    “go down the hallway to that open door, since the door was open, the person you want to see is there in his office. I approached the office, heard a discussion between two gentlemen. I knocked on the door jam, and caught sight of a gentleman. I excusec my interupting them from talking and inquired, “Are you Mariio?” The gentleman replied, “YES, do you have an appointment?” I responded, “NO, I am just dropping in to speak to you, having been directed by the Office Lady, Robyn.” Wait outside the office, I will call you in after we are fininshed. I agreed, while standing outside the office door, I was hearing a conversation that I felt was Privy. I got Mario’s Attention, telling him I would be around the corner waiting to see him.

    That was a lot to say about talking with Mario. Mario in hearing me speak about my desires for Computer Digital Graphics told me that there was no courses that would fit what I wanted, but he knew of where I could find some information about what and where this could be found. Sacramento City College, I never got there.

    Sacramento State College is not far from 2412 Berrendo Drive, the address of the Martin’s home in Arden Park, we had lived here before dad was transferred by the Phone Company to Napa, 1960. When ever I am in Sacramento, I make every effort to drive by the old homestead and visit with the couple who have lived there 50+ years. Harvey the husband has Alzhimers and Eleanor has her own medical difficulties, Both individuals are in their 80’s.

    I did not return home from Sacramento until 7:40 PM, taking my time driving at 60-65 mph.

    So there you have the report of your father and sister Heather having been caught in the Storm and forced to spend a night in Chicago.



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