Why I come home for lunch everyday

Almost everyday around noon, I hop into my vehicle and drive home.

This is really not a practical decision. I could just bring my lunch to work and save the gas money.  Then, I could have a full “hour” to take a break.

Instead I opt to quickly drive home, enter the craziness of family life, scarf down lunch and jet back to work once again! 

Yet, I find myself more refreshed, connected and ready to tackle the afternoon by going home than the more logical choice of staying at work.


Going home reminds me why I leave in the morning in the first place. Giving kisses to my husband, son and daughter gives me an opportunity to show love to the three biggest blessings of my life. Getting to see their smiles and shouts of welcome and “I love yous” when I leave gives me the energy I need to work hard the rest of the afternoon. And, spending time with God in the car there and back gives me time to reflect, get right if need be and talk to the One who orchestrated it all.

This is similar to why I get up earlier than I “need” to every morning. I could sleep longer, but my need to spend time with Jesus and in His Word is greater.

Less sleep and more miles on my car is worth it. Every day!

2 responses to “Why I come home for lunch everyday”

  1. When our son was little, my husband would come home at lunch. All for the same reason as you. I totally agree with you it is worth the sacrifice of time and money. Moments captured that money can’t buy.
    Though we are now empty nesters, Jim and I still get together for lunch several times during the week. It is the breath of fresh air to get through the rest of the day.
    Thanks for your thoughts and reminder of the important things in life.


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