Leveling up with Super Mario Brothers

Matt and Jackson love playing games on the Wii!

Lately my husband and son have been working diligently to defeat the bad guys with Mario and his gang. Almost daily, one of them comes to me with a glint in their eyes, asking if it would be okay if they play the Wii.

As I have watched them get excited over conquering a chapter in the game, finding gold coins or solving a puzzle, one aspect that has resonated with me is how the characters powers can “level up” after they have defeated a certain number of bad guys, giving them increased attack power to be able to more easily face their foes. It is as if Mario receives extra energy to continue his quest.

Have you ever needed to “level up”? Are you facing the journey, fighting off attackers or jumping through obstacles and need a fresh boost of energy and zeal to keep going? Does your passion level for Christ require a reboot? Could you use a burst of faith to continue walking in the vision God has given to you?

Me too! There are times when I allow distractions to take my attention away from the ultimate goal. I don’t realize how much I crave the presence of Jesus and instead stuff myself with responsibilities and expectations. The enemy keeps attacking, and all I’m using is a shield and not the sword.

In preparing to unify with my Christian brothers and sisters in the Lord’s Supper this weekend, God and I had a needed heart-to-heart chat on the way to and back from the grocery store. I actually had that time alone (thanks to my husband), and began talking out loud with my Heavenly Father. He opened my heart to areas I needed to follow through and change. He encouraged me in His purpose and place for me. He provided me an action plan. Frankly, just to hear His voice and feel His presence was enough to send my passion levels soaring!

Renewed energy and faith come through communion with the Savior. If you want to get to the next level in your spiritual journey, you must spend time with Jesus. Get into His Word, consistently and with expectation. Talk with God. Connect to His heart in prayer. Listen to His voice and obey Him.

That is the only way you will finish well. You cannot win the game in your own strength.

Level up!

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