On a breeze

One of many dandelions in our yard

This afternoon, in-between caring for the needs of a catapillar, Jackson discovered the joy of blowing white, puffy dandelions all over our yard. Lauren wanted to join the fun too, but her exploration ended when I realized she was eating the dandelion tufts.

As we watched those seeds being carried on the breeze, God brought my thoughts to His intentions for my life as His follower.

My life is not my own. I was bought with an extremely high price, and the way my life is spent is ultimately in God’s hands, not mine.
So as my Creater helps me to grow and mature, He desires me to give my life away and have His love and message flow through me to others.

Sometimes God achieves this purpose for my life by kicking up the wind around me. Gusts may rake over my life and frustrate my goals and plans. The breeze may knock down what I’ve been given or even take away what and who I hold dear. There will be times when understanding God is like trying to see where the wind came from and where it is going.

Maybe the breeze comes across our lives for the same reason as it does the dandelion. As the creation withstands the force around it, seeds are released to propel new life.

And as we endure life’s questions, heartaches and frustrations, God loosens His message of hope into  those around us, giving opportunity for others to find life’s purpose in Jesus.

Jackson gets ready to blow his dandelion

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