Plenty of baby Jesus’s to go around

Three of our baby Jesus figures. We have several more, but the kids have already made off with them.

My five- and two-year-old have been “helping” me decorate the house for Christmas this weekend. That means new toys and interesting displays to get into and get in trouble over.

The hottest commodity in our house right now is the Baby Jesus.

When I unpacked several of our nativities, both children instantly grabbed for the baby Jesus figurines. One ceramic baby in a manger in particular sparked a wrestling match as Jackson and Lauren hung on, claiming baby Jesus as their very own.

As I jumped into the fray, I yelled, “Stop fighting! There are plenty of baby Jesus’s to go around!”

My husband chuckled and said with a smirk that might not be the best theological response. I quickly fished out another baby Jesus so each child could hold one, and watched their smiles as they proudly held the baby Jesus and cradled Him close.

Jackson and Lauren each hold their own baby Jesus figurine

There is plenty of Jesus to go around.

Each of us needs to experience Jesus for ourselves. We need to see and feel and hold the baby Jesus in our arms, to personally witness the miracle of His birth and worship Him, like the shepherds and the Magi. That moment will be different for every person, but Jesus will meet us there. He is more than enough for us all. He was born as Savior to all people.

We also must individually experience His love holding us, healing our hearts with His arms outstretched on the cross. In different times and places, we will come to Him, deciding to believe and trust. As our faith begins, Jesus takes up residence in our hearts. When you follow Jesus, He lives in you, just as He lives in me.

There is plenty of Jesus to go around.

This Christmas, that precious baby, wrapped in swaddling clothes and laying in a manger, is for us all.

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