2 Weeks 2 the Cross: a Journey With Jesus

Our journey begins today.

This month as we anticipate Easter, our family is beginning a journey to the cross.

For the next two weeks, 14 days, we will be exploring God’s Word and traveling with Jesus through the last days of His life on earth, His death and His resurrection on Easter morning. Each day we are reading an account from one of the Gospels and enjoying a family activity to reinforce what we have read.

Would you like to join us?

I will be regularly posting our experiences and the Scripture passages to give you and your family ideas to celebrate the most amazing event in all of history and prepare your heart to worship our Savior, His sacrifice and His victory, on Easter.

If you’d like to get a snapshot of what the next two weeks contain, here is each day’s theme and Scripture passage, if you’d like to read along (or ahead) and adapt for your own family.

2 Weeks 2 the Cross Scriptures

  1. Jesus enters Jerusalem. Mark 11:1-11
  2. Jesus clears the temple. Mark 11:15-19
  3. Jesus is anointed. John 12:1-8
  4. Jesus serves the disciples. John 13:1-20
  5. Jesus celebrates Passover. Matthew 26:26-30
  6. Jesus prays in the Garden. Matthew 26:36-46
  7. Jesus is arrested. Matthew 26:47-56
  8. Jesus is denied by Peter. Matthew 26:69-75
  9. Jesus goes on trial. Matthew 27:11-26
  10. Jesus is crucified. Matthew 27:27-37
  11. Jesus saves. Luke 23:39-43
  12. Jesus dies. Matthew 27:45-54
  13. Jesus is buried. Matthew 27:57-61
  14. Jesus is risen! Matthew 28:1-10, 16-20

To make the journey more tangible for our children, we’ve created a wall mural with 14 pieces, and each day we will turn over a piece until Easter.

Our 2 Weeks 2 the Cross display

We will be praying that Jesus’ amazing sacrifice resonates and compels us to worship and service during the next two weeks! He is risen!!

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