Church is not about us.

It is not about methodology, about style,
about songs, about sermons,
about service.

It’s not about Sunday School,
or small groups or shaking hands.

When we come to church,
come to Jesus.

Pursue Him.
Abide in Him.
Meet with Him.
Worship Him.
Receive Him.

Only He satisfies.
Only He transforms.
Only He accepts and restores.

Church isn’t about what we receive
or even about what we give.

Church should be when
we, together,
step into the presence of Jesus.

Only He matters.

When the believers held each other and wept
at the foot of the cross
as Jesus paid for every sin,
the Earth shook and the temple veil split.

When the early church
gathered and cried out to God
in the midst of persecution,
the room reverberated
and God’s power came.

When Paul and Silas lay in jail
and together sang to the
Lord in the midst of their suffering,
an earthquake released their chains.

When believers together
experience Jesus,
our opinions, preferences, differences,
complaints, criticisms and distractions
are split open and power washed
with grace.

We are left with the
sweet presence of Jesus.

All we need for Sunday,
for every day,
is Jesus.

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