Jump for joy

Mary and Elizabeth, with baby bumps

Christmas Countdown Day 6 focused on Mary and Elizabeth. They carried two incredibly special babies inside them: the Son of God and the one who would prepare the way for Him. When Mary called out to Elizabeth when unexpectedly arriving for a visit, Elizabeth’s baby jumped for joy! The two women shared Mary’s first trimester and Elizabeth’s last trimester of pregnancy. Tonight we sifted through old pictures when I was pregnant with my children and when they were babies. They loved seeing themselves when they were small! Lauren even pretended she was going to have a baby by stuffing a Rainbow Bright doll up her shirt. 🙂 We made Mary and Elizabeth ornaments, with baby bumps, to remember the baby leaping inside Elizabeth when Mary (and Jesus) came to stay.

Lauren paints her ornament

2 responses to “Jump for joy”

  1. Is there any way I could get a copy of this ornament? I would love to make it with my Sunday School class in the morning.



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