Hand in hand

Lauren and I walk hand in hand.
Lauren and I walk hand in hand.

Turning to come back down the lane, the phone I was using to track my walk buzzed. I could roughly see the outline of my husband and daughter in the distance, and I knew the reason for the phone call. I had a little girl desperate to join me.

Sure enough, Lauren came running to meet me as I neared the house, her smile as wide as her outstretched arms. She quick grabbed my hand, and we kept walking back up the lane.

Our pace was much slower than my first lap. Not as many calories were burned.

But, I held my daughter’s hand for another 20 minutes. We talked and laughed and even chased the dogs for a while. It was just us girls.

We’ve walked together in the early mornings twice this week.

Rather than being frustrated my exercise plans have been hijacked, I am grateful for the time with my daughter. She is so thrilled to be with me, walking by my side. Her constant chatter is worth cherishing, and her little hand grasping mine a treasure.

A faster pace will come in time. My little girl’s hand, and heart, needs to be held now.

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