Home of the free

Lauren felt safe from the fireworks snuggled in her own bed with Cheer Bear.
Lauren felt safe from the fireworks under her covers with Cheer Bear.

The first firework we lit in the yard to begin our Independence Day celebration also set off fearful screams and waterworks from Lauren. So she and I watched the show from her room, snuggled in a blanket and holding tight to Cheer Bear. We were actually closer to the fireworks inside than where our seats were outside, but there was something about the comfort of home that made everything okay.

Home should be our sanctuary, the place we go to find rest, safety and peace. That’s why it’s worth fighting for. It’s our homes and our families that men and women have given their lives to protect through the centuries. So many have bravely served our country, and continue today, to provide us security and freedom here.

It’s the reason Jesus came, too. He fought for our freedom from sin. He shed His blood and willingly gave His life to secure our home in Heaven. It is only through Him that we can have peace.

Watching the sparks fly with her nose to the window glass, my daughter reminded me of what I have to truly be thankful for this Fourth of July weekend.

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