Thankful: God sees me

So she called the LORD who spoke to her: The God Who Sees, for she said, “In this place, have I actually seen the One who sees me?”

– Genesis 16:13

Today I am thankful that God sees me.

In this moment of Scripture, Hagar is on the run trying to escape mistreatment from Sarai, who owned her. Abram and Sarai have chosen to take the fulfillment of God’s promise into their own hands, and as a result Hagar is used by them to begin their family. Hagar becomes pregnant, and everyone is miserable and living in judgment of each other and the sin they have committed. In the midst of the mess, Hagar leaves.

And, God sees her.

He knows what has happened. He knows her despair. He knows her fear. And, He also knows His plan for her life and the child she is carrying.

God sees and speaks. He encourages her to persevere, even through her difficult circumstances, and gives her child a name and a promise.

No matter my circumstances, whether because of my choices or other’s decisions, God sees me. He knows and loves me. Even when I am on the run, trying on my own to escape sin, accountability or conflict, God wants to speak words of wisdom, conviction and encouragement to me.

He knows the path I should be on. He sees it all, and is the only One who can perfectly guide and give direction.

He sees me.

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